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trust in luck

Well, I survived tuesday without doing my presentation. I couldn't print my presentation, because the floppy disc didn't work in the uni. So I asked Leora for suspension. Now, I'm going to do it in 1 1/2 week.
Yesterday we were in the Sydney Aquarium. Very impressive to see sharks so close to you. The last huge aquarium was definitively my favourite one. Sharks and other seldom fishes were swimming between reefs and the background music was salving and dreamful. We have been sitting there almost one hour just for enjoying the scenario.
My plan for the next days:
tonight - going to Mid Term Party in Coogee (Shannons last act);
tomorrow - Bea's birthday (today we're going to bake a cake, Yvonni and me); saturday - A U S T R A L I A D A Y spontaneous activities, because there will be a lot of free events
(Actually I wanted to go to the Big Day Out Festival, but it's sold out. The artists are: Prodigy, Faithless, New Order, Silverchair, Garbage, NOFX, System of a Down, etc. In this way I can save my money, exactly AUD 88.)
sunday and monday: probably we will do a trip to the bluemountain (and see what is remained of the bushfires).
Money is a really problem, because you want to see and to do a lot and that's mostly not for free. Hope I'll find a well paid job for the last three months in Sydney.
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