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luftgaengerin's Journal

9 April
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"as I look back
over my life
I am struck by postcards
ruined snapshots
faded posters
of a time, I can't recall"
(Jim Morrison)
affection, anticipation, appreciation, associativities, attention, australia, beach, black and white pictures, book readings, books, brother of sleep, butterflies in the stomach, caipirinha, campfire, candles, certain moments, changes, charisma, charm, cheerfulness, cloud formations, colourful walls, concerts, coniferous forests, contiguouness, culture, cycling, dishwasher, eating with chopsticks, familiarness, feeling comfortable, feelings, festivals, fishes, flowers, flying, footprints in the sand, fridge magnets, fruits, funny situations, futurama, genesis (a club), green tea, h?gen-dazs ice cream, happy ends, happy people, having dreams, holidays, honesty, hugs, incenses, incubus, itchy feet, languages, les vaisseaux du coeur, littlenesses, long conversations, love letters, lychees, malcolm in the middle, mannheim, marzipan, massages, memories, music, mysticism, nature, old movies, oscar wilde, paris, photos, postcards, quick-wittedness, rainbows, real compliments, real friends, realising dreams, relaxing, robert schneider, roma, sea, serendipity, sevilla, sex and the city, shells, shooting stars, skating, smell of rain, snorkeling, southeast asia, spontaneity, stars, summer, sunsets, sunshine, surprises, sushi, swimming at night, sydney, sympathy, targets, tealights on the bathtub, thai food, thinking positive, tingstaette, to be in love, to laugh, to live, to savour, travelling, uluru, walburgisnacht (night of witches), warm summer rain, warmth, waterfalls, watermelon, weekends, wholemeal bread