krystyna (luftgaengerin) wrote,


The only possibility seemed to get a JP (justice in pieces).
Whatever that means.
Virginia told me its a verification of your person from another person who knows you. The problem: a JP can olny be a doctor, a pharmacist or another guy in a very good position.

Completly helpless I resorted to my uni. Luckily Jane wrote me a letter, that Im still a student there (thanks a lot) and that I live in a homestay.

So I tried my luck again in the St Georgebank in Randwick.
I gave them everything I had: passport, ID-card, creditcard, letter from the Mountbatten hotel, letter from the UNSW, international studentcard.
Finally my have a student account for free and a card.
Im happy now, but I would have never thought, that it can be such a long process to get it.
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